Cookery Skills Programmes for Primary Schools

Cookery Skills Programmes for Primary Schools

Want to Know More About Our Primary School Courses?

  • They allow teachers to deliver meaningful cookery lessons in the classroom. 
  • They provide resources that take the stress out of preparing and delivering each lesson. 
  • Lessons have been developed using a stepped approach that repeats and builds on skills.
  • They are suitable for all ages.
  • Lessons help develop fine motor skills and dexterity.
  • Levels are organised depending on the cookery kit available. 

It is not necessary to have a full kitchen available in the school, we recommend a cookery kit that is practical, adaptable, effective and economical.

Our programmes have been developed from our extensive experience in working in classrooms and schools all over the country since 2013 and give real-life practical applications to many parts of the primary school curriculum, including maths, science and SPHE.

The Programmes Include:

  • Annual Plans
  • 3 Levels, 27 recipes
  • Interactive resources to manage the lessons
  • Discussion Forum
  • Online and in-person training and support available
  • There is also a corresponding on-line programme available for parents so children can repeat and practice the recipes at home

Beginners; Introducing Basic Cookery Skills

Pasta and Foccacia

In this level we introduce many of the basic skills of cookery;Kitchen safety and hygiene

Reading a recipe

– Weighing




Measuring liquids

Exploring spices

Measuring spoons

Chopping and dicing

Repeat and practice basics

Intermediate; Skills for Cooking Using an Oven

intermediate cooking skills for primary schools

In this level, we continue to use the skills already learned and build on them with the skills and techniques used in oven cooking. Skills include;Roasting


Pané Stations

Pastry Making

Separating Eggs

Rubbing in or crumbing

Bread making with yeast

Bread making without yeast

Simplify and remove the mystery

Advanced: Skills for Cooking Using a Hob

Making pasta from scratch

Continuing to use previous skills learned, this level focuses on cooking a hob. Skills developed include:Sautéing




How to marinade

Making fresh pasta

Making a Béchamel cause

How to make fresh pasta

How to make a tomato sauce

Build confidence and independence

Which Programme Suits your Class or School?