Cookery Skills Programmes for Children and Families

Cookery Skills Programmes for Parents and Families

Do you want to ensure that as your child grows up they are confident in the kitchen and have the cookery skills necessary to produce healthy meals from scratch?

Being able to cook from scratch with ‘Real Food’ is a life skill that will stay with children as they grow into teenagers, college students, adults and parents. 

Children are never too young to start learning how to cook. Start with one of our basic programmes for those with no experience and progress through the various stages, at your child’s pace, to programmes with more advanced skills and techniques. 

The programmes provide instructions on food preparation skills, kitchen hygiene and safety and also promote an appreciation of foods from different countries and cultures. 

It could not be simpler to get started – use the pre-prepared shopping lists to organise ingredients, the recipe cards to organise equipment and the video will then guide you and your child through the process of producing the recipe.

Look through the different options to see what programme best suits your child, then put your aprons on, create memories and lets,

‘Cook our way to a healthier future’!


educational cooking programme

Learn and develop new skills at your child’s pace and at a time that suits you.


Gingerbread 4 to 3 ratio

Spend time together, work together, learn together, have fun together, and eat together.


Challenging Cookery course for families

Practice makes even the most complicated recipes easy. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes… because the next time you will be better.

What type of programme would your family enjoy most?