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Booking Conditions for All Camps


Parent Permission

I understand that my child will be in a kitchen that does not have the same features and safeguards as a home kitchen. He or she will be around high heat elements including ovens and cooker tops, and will be taught to use kitchen tools with sharp implements including knives and blenders. I agree that Kater4Kidz Cooking School, its employees and staff are not responsible or liable for accidents, loss, damage, death, delay or expense arising from acts of God, terrorism, strikes, quarantine, weather irregularity, equipment failure, vehicle accidents, government restrictions or regulations, nor is responsible for illness from food or otherwise, detention, assault, theft or criminal activity or annoyance. I agree to release and hold harmless Kater4kidz Cooking School, its officers, and employees, and agree to indemnify each of them from any and all claims, cost suits, actions, judgments and expenses, upon any damage, loss or injury to my child or damage to my child’s property arising out of my child’s participation in this activity.

Childrens Code of Conduct

Kater4Kidz values the children's wellbeing and safety of all camp participants. Therefore, good behaviour is required from all children for the safe and effective running of the camp. Kater4Kidz staff will exercise due care and control for the safety of your child whilst on the premises and we reserve the right to suspend any child who does not comply with the camp rules. No refunds will be given.  Please note that mobile phones & cameras are not permitted to be used during the camp.

Medical Treatment

I give my permission to the staff at Kater4Kidz Cooking School to administer first aid for minor cuts or burns. In the event of a serious injury, Kater4Kidz will contact emergency medical personnel immediately. I hereby give my permission for transport and treatment at a local hospital. Parents will be notified about all injuries at camp.       

Photo Release

I give my permission for my child’s image to be used in Kater4Kidz Cooking School publications or video, and possibly in third party publications and media (e.g., local newspapers) covering Kater4Kidz Cooking School.    

If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please email registration@kater4kidz.com, stating your childs name and eventcampclass they are attending.  

NOTE : Children must not be left unaccompanied on the premises outside the camp hours.  Drinks will be provided.

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