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Welcome to Kater4Kidz where we hope to make your life easier and your childs life healthier by providing you with nutrition information and healthy recipes that will ensure your children are getting the best diet you can give them.


Mary Harte owns and runs a catering business that supply's lunches into secondary (high) schools.  Through her business she has been able to test recipes and determine what children will eat.  Her approach to food is not fanatical but promotes a balanced attitude to create healthy habits that will stay with children for life.  Mary has three children, her son suffers from eczema, hayfever and asthma and her daughter from a stomach complaint and she has seen first hand the improvements that changes to diet can make to these common conditions. 

Catherine Kenneally is a Nutritional Therapist with practices in Waterford and Cork, Ireland.  Her goal is to improve childrens health through achievable dietary changes that are sustainable for life, in addition to giving them the tools to make healthy choices for the future.  The primary focus is to do this through food.

Over the years she has seen the dramatic improvement that dietary changes can make in kids’ physical, emotional and mental health.  She has a B.Sc from University College Cork, a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute of Health Science and is a member of Nutritional Therapists Of Ireland(NTOI). 

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"My 7 year old daughter would never eat the homemade soup that I would make but now she is making her own soup and eating it !"

AK, Waterford


» Easter Camps 2019
Kate4kidz Easter Cookery Camps 2019

» February Mid Term Camp 2019
1 or 2 days of cooking fun for 4 to 13 year olds. 20 per day.

» Cookery-School-Classes-September-2018--May-2019
Variety of levels to suit different ages from 5 to 15 year olds. Including those studying Home Economics for the junior cert.

» Teen Cookery Camp 2018
This camp is aimed at 1st, 2nd, 3rd year secondary school students. Students will learn how to follow recipes and work cleanly and safely in a kitchen.They will develop their food skills and cooking techniques, building essential life skills needed to conquer the kitchen.

» Summer Cookery Camps 2018
All children cook individually at their own work station. Every thing they cook, they bring home with them.We will be making a combination of old favourites and new recipes, including Fresh Homemade Pasta, Fish Cakes, Swiss Roll, Chocolate Fudge Cake and many more.

» Kater4kidz Cookery and Nutrition Academy - Cookery School Classes: September 2018 May 2019
Variety of levels to suit different ages from 5 to 15 year olds. Including those studying Home Economics for the junior cert.

» The Dangers of Sugar
Check this out. Excellent video clip of Jamie Oliver talking about the importance of home cooked food to help prevent obesity and diabetes in kids.

» Maxol moreish Cookery Workshop Registration
FUN for 4 to 12 yr olds - Encouraging Healthier Choices Through Hands On Learning in a FUN and Relaxed Setting.

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